Delivery OEE system

04/07/2018 – Recently the delivery of an OEE system (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) took place at a production company for chicken snacks. A private water treatment is provided at this production location. The OEE system is used to better control purification in the field of efficiency, malfunctions and preventive maintenance. In order to prevent the excessive discharge of polluted water into the public sewer, the customer has opted for this system. In this way, the statuses of purification are visualized, logged and made traceable by trend graphs and historical data. A telephone notification system with spoken text is also provided. By means of this OEE system, the faults can be rectified in time and speed. In addition, preventive maintenance can be carried out more efficiently on the basis of the available information.
The total factory project is divided into several phases which will follow.

If you are interested in the possibilities of an OEE system, please feel free to contact us.