Company information

Over the past years, Bloemenkamp Technische Dienstverlening has successfully developed into a company with a specialization in the field of machine construction and industrial automation. This concerns, among other things, solutions in product handling with regard to packaging, production machines for metal products, product lines for foodstuffs and all kinds of other related equipment. In many cases, existing machines and installations are also being upgraded to new control systems.

For BTD, the direct lines of communication with the customer are important for an optimal wishes inventory. This allows a clear advice to be issued. Thanks to this approach, an efficient and price-friendly solution can be realized. For BTD, this has resulted in long-term and recurring collaborations with regular clients.

Since a few years we also deliver complete OEE systems (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for data monitoring, from single production lines up to whole factories, in collaboration with other companies. BTD is also active in development/construction of own machinery.